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About Binions

The Binions are a mixed tribe of adorably creepy monsters indigenous to BNB Chain, created by Ram Design, Vacheh and Illusionist Dude.

After centuries of war, the Binion tribes have united as one, combining their forces to protect their native BNB Chain land from evil forces wishing them harm.

Binions are calling for every able bodied Binion to unite, one army under CZ!

Incentives for Mint Pass holders

⭕️ Binions presale was exclusive to Gooodfellas Mint Pass holders.

⭕️ Mint Pass holders were able to claim 1 free Binions NFT for each Mint Pass they owned at the time of mint.

⭕️ Price for Mint Pass holders was 0.25 BNB, .07 BNB less per mint than those minting without a Mint Pass.

Community Incentives

⭕️ All PixelSweeper NFTs that were sniped with the 5% of proceeds from the Mint Pass mint, will be given away as minting incentives during the Binions mint.

⭕️️ 10% of the proceeds from the Binions mint will be used to snipe more high value PixelSweepers, and those Sweepers will be given away as minting incentives for Collection #2, launching beginning of September.

⭕️ All sniped PixelSweepers will be staked, entering us for weekly Staker & Community Pot drawings. We will also purchase weekly Player Pot tickets as well. Any prizes won during the staking period from the PixelSweeper Player, Staker and Community Pot drawings, will be randomly distributed to Gooodfellas NFT holders.

Collection Info

Minting has ended

Total Supply: 4,000 NFTs

Presale: 2022/07/19 at 14:00 UTC

Public mint: 2022/07/20 at 14:00 UTC

Mint price (Mint Pass): 0.25 BNB

Mint price (No Mint Pass): 0.32 BNB