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Welcome to Gooodfellas NFT

Gooodfellas is a team of 3 of the best NFT artists in the game, bringing you the most diverse NFT series on BNB Chain.

Gooodfellas delivers the most innovative and high quality art that BNB Chain has to offer, on top of tons of incentives and passive rewards through our Gooodfellas NFT Staking.

Gooodfellas is more than just an NFT project. It’s an ecosystem and an environment that provides an opportunity for investors to express their creativity, while earning passive rewards and collecting new and innovative NFTs from the top NFT artists in the game, including: Ram Design, Vacheh, DefoQ.

Mint Pass

Mint Pass

The Gooodfellas Mint Pass is available exclusively on rareboard!

Get Yours on rareboard

Mint your Gooodfellas Mint Pass to gain VIP access to the Gooodfellas series, including 1 free NFT for each of the remaining collections, reduced mint price, automatic presale, and WL for some of the hottest collections dropping on BNB Chain.

Current Mint Pass holders are already seeing an ROI of 40% or more over the initial mint price.

Can you mint Gooodfellas NFTs without a Mint Pass? Of course. But why would you want to?
You’ll pay more, you won’t receive free NFTs from each of the collections, and holding a Mint Pass is the only way to guarantee yourself access to each of the Gooodfellas collections. With only 1000 Mint Passes in existence and over 50% already minted, grab yours while you still can.

Gooodfellas Utility

Stake your Gooodfellas NFTs to take advantage of BNB Chains first dual rewards NFT Staking system, allowing you to sit back and collect passive income including BNB and $GOOOD credits, which can be redeemed for a number of different incentive including custom 1:1 NFTs, Gift Cards from the top retailers, NFTs from other BNB Chain collections and so much more.

Mint NFTs from any of the Gooodfellas collections and instantly be entered for chances to win NFTs from some of BNB Chains top blue chip collections. Over 30 PixelSweeper NFTs were given away to Gooodfellas holders during the minting of Binions, and we’ve got 3x that amount ready to be given away during the minting of Hacked in our series!

Participate in our “Learn to 3D NFT” art classes and learn what it takes to create 3D NFTs during this several month course, taught by some of the top 3D NFT artists in the business. The Gooodfellas artists will take you through the entire 3D NFT creation process, from drawing concepts, software and tools, to texturing, shading and rendering.

Last but not least, soon you’ll be able to take advantage of GooodAI, changing the landscape of NFT utility forever!

The Project Map

The Team

Ram Design

Drawing Concepts


3D Artist


3D Shading, Texture, Rendering


Project Lead


Community Manager